MIRANDA is a brand that works in collaboration with all the worldwide leading bicycle makers to develop premium solutions that incorporate the next generation of bicycles and set new trends.

When you acquire a bicycle with integrated MIRANDA components, we want you to be satisfied for the lifetime of the product, aswell to provide solutions and spare parts in case you want to change the looks of the bicycle or need other riding parameters.

This web portal was developed to provide customer support worldwide, with some of our range of products available. From here, you can get components to replace and some new great and premium products to be integrated on your bicycle, always with the highest quality and design standards that currently set MIRANDA as a world leader and a brand that constantly sets new innovation standards.

We value customer experience and service as much as product development and we want to provide you with the very best experience while using our components. Since everything is manufactured and customized according to the customers needs, we don't keep stock of the solutions, instead, when you place the order we manufacture everything inside our facilities in Portugal, Europe, and all of the solutions will be produced by the same processes we do for OEM to guarantee maximum reliability and a constant and controlled process.

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