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MIRANDA values permeate throughout all layers of the organisation. They are the bonds which unite MIRANDA together in creating the best and most innovative components for cycling. At MIRANDA, we must constantly reconsider what is possible, push the limits and strive to reinvent. We are a company with a creative soul and are uniquely passionate about what we do.



According cyclists and manufacturers around the world, high quality, security, design and innovation are the main features that distinguish our bicycle parts. Although this recognition is the highest one we could expect, it’s not just a mere coincidence. 

As a result, it actually turned out to be the only foot pedals and brakes manufacturer in Europe.

The main reason for our success has a simple explanation: the whole bike parts process, is carried out in the same place. This is the only way to control each stage, monitor one by one all the items produced, test them every day, and therefore, carry out all the necessary refinements. Read More

At the present Miranda has extended production to a new range of bicycle brakes and crank sets, seat posts and bicycle hydraulic brakes, and has been progressively going into medium and high range market of bicycle components.

About Miranda

Miranda supplies most of the European top brand bicycles and exporting to a wide range of countries, enlarging every year a strong reputation of quality maker and reliable partner.  Read More

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