21 Mar

For the first time the number of bicycles surpasses cars in Copenhagen

By the end of the year 2016, there were more bicycles than cars circulating in the center of Copenhagen. During this year, there were another 35 thousand bicycles circulating daily in the city, increasing to more than 265 thousand vehicles of two wheels, in comparison with the 253 thousand cars. Read More

17 Fev

Mistakes to avoid when buying a bike

Buying a bike can be a difficult task, given the number of possibilities - models and prices - on the market. We'll tell you the main mistakes to avoid. Read More

27 Jan

Bike-Sharing Systems around the world

The bicycle sharing system has been adopted by more and more cities around the world. In the Bike-Sharing World Map it is possible to locate the cities where this method of transport was adopted. Read More

10 Jan

The physical benefits of cycling

As in other sports, cycling also requires some preparation and equipment. It is advisable to do some stretching exercises before starting to pedal on both the stationary and normal bike, especially in the legs, lower back and neck. Read More

07 Dez

NR2 by bicycle

Doing the National Road # 2 by bike is a good bet for those who like adventure and want to discover, in a different and intense way, a little more of Portugal. Read More

22 Nov

eRental Service Cycleswap

Bike rental is not new. What can change is the concept coupled with the service. That's what happened in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A new concept of bicycle rental person-to-person (peer to peer) gave way to Cycleswap. Read More

03 Nov

Back to training

When back to training the body needs to readjust and that must happen in a progressive and positive way. Here are some tips to consider. Read More

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