For the first time the number of bicycles surpasses cars in Copenhagen

For the first time the number of bicycles surpasses cars in Copenhagen


By the end of the year 2016, there were more bicycles than cars circulating in the center of Copenhagen. During this year, there were another 35 thousand bicycles  circulating daily in the city, increasing to more than 265 thousand vehicles of two wheels, in comparison with the 253 thousand cars.

The Danish capital has been counting traffic in the city since 1970, when there were 351,133 cars and 100,071 bicycles. In 2009, Copenhagen installed the first bicycle meter and at this time there are already about 20 points monitoring traffic.

The efforts that have been put into making a city of bicycles in Copenhagen have paid off - bicycle traffic has increased by about 60% in 20 years.

Since 2005, around 134 million euros have been invested in cycling infrastructures, ranging from several bridges and cycling routes to Cykelslangen (known as the cycling snake).

The objective of the Danish municipality is to create the conditions so that, within a decade, not even a single car is necessary in the city center. There is also the goal that 50% of the daily routes within the whole city be made by bicycle. At the end of December, this percentage was 41%.

Many cities reflect on this achievement in Copenhagen and challenge themselves to achieve similar goals. In London, for example, the difference between the number of users of bicycles and cars is decreasing. During rush hours, the average number of cars circulating in the city center fell from 86 to 64 thousand between 2010 and 2014 and the number of bicycles rose from 14 to 36 thousand. Still, the English city is not yet as well developed in in terms of infrastructure as Copenhagen. In Amsterdam, 48% of trips made in and out of the city are done by pedaling. In the center of Groningen, the percentage rises to 61%.

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